Lead Management

Pre-Sales Qualification

Improving sales conversion can be a measure of pre-sale qualification and sale-close technique. We screen and pre-qualify potential sales candidates according to your product or service criteria. We identify true candidates who purchase, and screen out the window-shoppers (while keeping them interested and poised for future sales!).

Our goal in prequalifying customers, many of whom have worked with us before and look to us for direction, is to learn about their experience shopping for these services. How long have they been looking or have they ever met with a professional before? We verify that they can be helped by the service or product they're seeking. We also decipher how they intend to pay for the service and if they will be ready to buy now or in the near future. This provides us with the ability to deliver the best-qualified, ready-for-conversion, prospect to you.

Sales Meetings and Consultations

Lead Management Many times, depending on your product or service, simply getting in front of your prospect is the best way to gain a new customer. Our systems are specifically designed to arrange sales meetings or consultations with your target customer, giving you the best opportunity to convert them to a paying customer. Whether it’s an educational meeting about your services or a true product demonstration, seeing is believing.

Too often people waste their time with ‘window shoppers’ or potential customers who are not in a position to currently purchase. Our program delivers the right prospect at the right time: that precious moment when they are prepared to buy.

Sales Closings and Close Assists

Not every client requires a face-to-face sales transaction. Increasingly, the public is comfortable with purchasing products and services over the phone or through the Internet. This is enabled through superior information available through electronic means that Signature Specialists manages for our clients. For example, an incredibly powerful tool in closing a sale is the ability to show what is possible through relevant before-and-after pictures. And a virtual tour of a vacation property may provide the customer enough information to secure a rental transaction.

Signature Specialists can close the sale for you if your product does not need a face-to-face transaction. We train our representatives to sell your product according to your specifications. Also, we can perform credit card transactions and settlement for you. These combined capabilities make us a reliable resource for targeting, generating, and prequalifying your leads as well as closing valuable sales.